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The Rimelig is the most budget option of the three, making it a solid entry-level soft armor option, while still staying true to the goal of soft armor: Reliable lightweight protection, at just 0.45" thick and weighing 1.24 pounds. The next level up is the Slim, which is made of two separate Aramid laminates joined together for greater strength.

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Soft body armor is composed of woven fibers, such as Kevlar or Twaron. Despite the strength of these materials, soft armor is generally thin and lightweight, making it ideal for hot climates or long-term wear. Armor-rated levels I-IIIa typically utilize these construction methods and are capable of stopping 9mm or .357 magnum bullets. Hard Armor

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Ballistics Standard MIJ 0101.06 Standard The NIJ .06 standard is the most comprehensive and rigorous body armor compliance standard that exists today. The NIJ test ballistic resistant materials to determine if they are compliant to the NIJ 0101.06 standard. This ensures that you are wearing the most current state-of-the-art armor available.

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Level 3A Slim Panel Soft Body Armor | AR500 Armor. The Slim Panel (specifications below) is an Aramid soft panel armor built for a balance between affordability and top-level capability.It sits between our Rimelig and Hybrid as a panel with a lightweight (at just 1.25 lbs.), strong stopping power (defeating all handgun threats), and competitive price..

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"Old Armor Tests as Good as New" according to NIJ research on 10 year old USED armor. The Wound Channel on YouTube hit one of our older Level II Police Surplus vests with a Level 3-A sub-machine-gun - 9mm at over 1,400 fps. Still no penetration, even …

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VPAM armor standard (Europe) The VPAM scale as of 2009 runs from 1 to 14, with 1-5 being soft armor, and 6-14 being hard armor. Tested armor must withstand three hits, spaced 120mm (4.72") apart, of the designated test threat with no more than 25mm of …

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Body Armor Test LAPG Level 4 M80 Gel Man. That's a TV/movie trope.. And lastly…be sure to check out threat level ratings when shopping for armor, too. Get the level which is appropriate for the types of threats you might face.

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Best Soft Armor for Civilians & Law Enforcement. 1. Safe Life Defense Level 3A Vest. A light and comfortable all-in-one solution that can be worn outside to be super concealable. Safe Life Defense Body Armor, Level 3A (R) and FRAS (L) Here's John in a small that weighs a little less than 6 lbs.

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This level IIIA body armor vest is made from all new Kevlar XP material that complies with NIJ 0101.06 armor standards and features a six-point strapping system for a custom fit. The cover of this Kevlar vest is waterproof and the strategically placed trauma insert pockets provide additional blunt trauma protection.

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Remember, body armor is rated from Level IIA to Level IV by the NIJ. H. For example, level IIA is capable of stopping a 9MM full metal jacket round at 1120 feet per second, but the same round at 1205 fps would require Level II body armor to stop, while the same round at 1430 fps would only be stopped by Level IIIA body armor or better.

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1 77 FR 33688 (June 7, 2012) and 77 FR 33698 (June 7, 2012).. 2 Military design, standards or specifications serve as the dividing line between control under ECCNs 1A613 and 1A005 for level IIIA and lower plates and body armor under the proposed rules. Removal of such non-objective standards has been one of the goals of the export control reform initiative.

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– At present, soft body armor is generally rated in accordance with the NIJ's 0101.06 specification for body armor, and then either to Level II or Level IIIa. [3] In the forthcoming NIJ 0101.07 specification, Levels II and IIIa are re-named Handgun-1 (HG1) and Handgun-2 (HG2).

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Posted March 17, 2021 in Armor, Body Armor, Daily News by Luke C. with 12 Comments. One of the biggest downsides to wearing rigid body armor is that it severely limits your mobility. Premier Body Armor has just released their aptly named AGILE Level IIIA Soft body armor inserts.

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Spartan Armor Systems Hercules Level IV Ceramic Advanced Compound Curve Body Armor - Set of Two Armor Plates. $900.00 $665.99. Sold Out. DFNDR Armor Lightweight Level III+ Bulletproof Side Plates (Set of Two) From $519.99. On Sale. TuffyPacks Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Bag + Level IIIA Bulletproof Armor Plate Package. $250.00 $198.99.

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Currently, level IV (level 4) body armor is the highest grade of personal hard plate armor. The better protection provided however, the heavier the body armor tends to be . If you need something that is more comfortable to wear, a light weight vest with Level IIIA protection level and curved plates may be a good option.

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Cratus 5200 Level III / Level IV Stand Alone Advanced Body Armor Plate 7 x 8 FS TenCate Advanced... -75%. O u t o f s t o c k. Out of stock. TenCate CR1000 Level IIIA+, Spike 2, & Slash Advanced Body Armor Plate 6x8 Full Size. Out of stock. Add to wishlist.

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Level IIIA Plate Backer, NIJ Armor Rating: NIJ 0101.06 Level 3 Ballistics, Size: 10 in x 12 in Item # 45DK17 Mfr. Model # DELTA-+-LITE-6-10x12

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Soft body armor ballistic vest packages are rated levels 1 through 4 by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) based on how much protection from ballistic rounds they are rated to provide. Similarly, armor plates are available in two different types or classes tested and recognized by the NIJ: type 3 and type 4.

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Duritium IV+HS Body Armor Plates THIS IS THE 'BIG DOG' PLATE, DESIGNED TO STOP ANYTHING THAT CAN COME OUT OF A HAND-HELD LONG-BARRELED RIFLE. Armor-piercing protection at 2-3 lbs. (0.9-1.4 kg) less than most competitors and offers a 10-year...

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Recommended product from this supplier. Tyz Nij Iiia Standard Plate Carrier Body Armor for Military/Police, Customized Is Avaliable. FOB Price: US $ 13-15 / kg. Min. Order: 1000 kg. Usage: Rope, Twine, Cordage. Material: Polyethylene. Weight: 3-4kg/Bobbin. Size: 10-20mm*28mm.

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There are two main types of body armor: soft and hard. Soft body armor is what many might envision when thinking of police officers — a vest made of flexible materials worn around your torso. Typically, there are inserts (front and back) made of the protective ballistic material, sealed against the elements and held inside of a carrier.

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The VPAM scale as of 2009 runs from 1 to 14, with 1-5 being soft armor, and 6-14 being hard armor. Tested armor must withstand three hits, spaced 120mm (4.72") apart, of the designated test threat with no more than 25mm of back-face deformation in order to pass.

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Flex Fused Core™ level IIIA soft body armor by Spartan Armor Systems® provides discreet protection against handgun threats up to .44 MAG and .357 SIG. As it name suggests, Flex Fused Core™ soft armor is flexible, thin and lightweight making it easy to conceal under loose clothing, in backpacks or in laptop cases.

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Dependable body armor and tactical plate carriers provides a crucial added layer of life-saving protection. When choosing armor, it's important your ballistic protection meets NIJ standard 0101.06. But the equipment also needs to match the level of threat you're likely to face. Body armor comes in different levels.

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I'll be discussing the trade off in wearing protective armor vs. the mobility you'll gain without it. In certain settings, a high level of armor definitely makes sense when protection is paramount, but many times the greater mobility offered without it makes more sense. Grab your popcorn, open your mind and let's get down to 'bidness.

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Body Armor is an essential part of personal protective equipment for all law enforcement officers. The Body Armor category from Police1 includes everything you need to know – the latest trends, product reviews and resources for researching body armor. Our body armor coverage includes tactical gear like flak jackets, ballistic shields, ...

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It is vital when choosing body armor to make sure that it adheres to the proper protection levels. While there are many different standards for ballistics protection levels, the two most commonly recognized standards for body armor come from the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the UK Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST, formerly HOSDB).

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Type II armor that is new and unworn shall be tested with 9 mm FMJ RN bullets with a specified mass of 8.0 g (124 gr) and a velocity of 398 m/s ± 9.1 m/s (1305 ft/s ± 30 ft/s) and with .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) bullets with a specified mass of 10.2 g (158 gr) and a velocity of 436 m/s ± 9.1 m/s (1430 ft/s ± 30 ft/s).

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SHOWROOM: 5725 S. Valley View Blvd Suite #4 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 TEL: 702-829-4029

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Body Armor Classifications. Body armor is not bulletproof. Soft body armor, for example, will not stop most centerfire rifle rounds. An industry rule of …

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FMS Level II Ballistics w/ Male Evolution Carrier, Large Regular, Black DOM: 11/2020 This concealable body armor vest... Safariland 6x8 Blunt Force Trauma Pad (All Colors) $8.99. Add to wishlist. Used Safariland 6x8 Soft Blunt Trauma Pad Reduces blunt trauma by effectively dispersing the energy from a bullet...

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At just .6" thick and only 1.2 lbs. for the 7" x 9" speed plate, the Duritium III ICW (In Conjunction With) body armor plate give you the protection you need and the weight you want. The Duritium III ICW (Advanced In Conjunction) plate offers full Level III rifle protection when used in conjunction with Level IIIA soft body armor.

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Match the threat levels . Another crucial component that you must consider when choosing the right body armor is the threat level. Whether you choose soft or hard armor, each of them is designed ...

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Joined Jan 1, 2013. ·. 1,439 Posts. #11 · Jun 2, 2014. Just following up on my post above. XM193 has, on average a muzzle velocity of 3250fps. NIJ standards for level three armor calls for it to protect calibers as large as 7.62 x 51 (148grain) at velocities up to 2750 fps. Body Armor - Complete Product List

Worn just like an undershirt, concealable and comfortable under even light clothing. II • III-A. $ 249 - $ 399. Midwest Armor Concealable Aramid. A quality Level 3-A vest at a very economical price. • Independent ballistic lab tested to be compliant with NIJ 0101.06 ballistic standards. III-A. $ 389.