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On Sept 30th, 2018, Regular customer from Togo came to visit our company. Customer ordered 2000 pcs helmet for Togo Army in 2017, the quality is very good.In the meeting, he placed 2000 pcs order again. And he had place more order in 2019 …

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A bulletproof vest, also known as a ballistic vest, kevlar vest, or bullet proof body vest, is a popular type of body armor.It provides ballistic protection by absorbing the impact of bullets or projectiles to protect the body. While body armor covers a wide range of ballistic protection equipment, bullet proof vests typically only covers the ...

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Body Armor / Best Ballistic Shield / Bulletproof Shields. AMI has developed a MAS Shield Level III that can stop an entire 30-round magazine from an AR-15/M16 or AK-47. At CAST Portable Ballistic Testing AMI Shields at CAST Ballistic Testing in Wichita, Kansas during July, 2018, two of our Mobile Armored Shields remained unpenetrated after 30 ...

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Ace Link Armor is a California-based manufacturer and distributor of personal body armor products. We offer wide range personal protection equipment: Bulletproof Vests, Soft Armor Panels, Hard Armor Plates and Plate Carriers as well as Ballistic Helmets accompanied by a full array of carriers and accessories.

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Best Body Armor Crafted with Superior Quality High Grade Body Armor For Law & Enforcement Buy Best Quality Heavy Duty Body Armor For Every Situation, NIJ Certified Ballistic Armor Level IIIA, III, III, III LW, IV, For more than 20 years; Security Pro USA has long been regarded by law enforcement agencies as The source for concealable vests, hard body armor, stab proof …

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A bulletproof vest, also known as a ballistic vest, kevlar vest, or bullet proof body vest, is a popular type of body armor.It provides ballistic protection by absorbing the impact of bullets or projectiles to protect the body. While body armor covers a wide range of ballistic protection equipment, bullet proof vests typically only covers the ...

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BULLETPROOF-IT offers optimum protection Armor Solutions to any and all your bullet resistance needs! At BULLETPROOF-IT, We understand that only the best is acceptable for Body Armor, Tactical Gear and Equipment. We provide a vast range of Body Armor which is designed to provide effective protection in high-risk situations.

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Bulletproof Backpacks Article - Bodyguard Personal Body … · Bulletproof Backpacks are a must have for your everyday carry arsenal, here's why: Gone are the days of going to a concert or night-club without scoping out the emergency exits, worshipping in a church service without feeling like a sitting duck, or taking the train home without wondering about the contents of …

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The body armor system includes a Testudo Gen 2 Plate Carrier, 2 AR500 Armor Level III 10″ x 12″ curved plates, 2 AR500 Armor Trauma Pads and other various options based on personal preference. The Testudo was developed from years of …

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Personalized body armor measuring. Wide variety of styles and colors. High-quality Armor Express brand vests. Bulletproof, vest, riot. Call 662-756-2011.

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A. Armor is the American spelling of the noun meaning a protective covering.Armour is the preferred spelling in all the other main varieties of English.Other than the spelling, there is no difference between the words. Here is an online publication from the National Institute of Justice pertaining to the Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor, levels of protection, and what the …

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A bulletproof vest, also known as a ballistic vest, kevlar vest, or bullet proof body vest, is a popular type of body armor.It provides ballistic protection by absorbing the impact of bullets or projectiles to protect the body. While body armor covers a wide range of ballistic protection equipment, bullet proof vests typically only covers the ...

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Adult Bulletproof Hoodie (NIJ-IIIA) $595.00 USD $795.00 USD. Pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments of $148.75 with. Learn more. Wonder Hoodie has created the world's first adult bulletproof hoodie with head protection, the only stand-alone product on the market to seamlessly and discreetly protect your body.

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A bulletproof jacket is a protective covering used for protection for the torso from handgun bullets. Body armor has been used through centuries, and it was during World War I when body armor reappeared as protection against shell fragments. The armor designed during time though was too heavy so a.

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Second Chance Level II Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest Conceal 22x15 12x15 Large. A Second Chance Level II concealable bullet proof vest. Ultima body armor ballistic panels. Carrier has wear and staining, but panels are in good serviceable condition. Front panel measures 22" W x 15" H. Rear panel measures 12" W x 15" H. Vest was manufactured in 03/99.

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Bulletproof Vest Philippines. Bulletproof Vest Philippines was created to provide affordable high quality body armor and all our vests are tested in accordance to the stringent NIJ 0101.06 standard at HP White Laboratories in the US. We offer 5-year ballistic warranty on all our panels and plates, and 1-year local warranty on all our carriers.

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The bulletproof body armor is the soldier's best friend on the battlefield. The right combination of reliable gear and the skills of a soldier can help him/her crack open the enemies defense while taking on heavy fire. If you are looking for reliable and professional bulletproof body armor for your soldiers/bodyguards, you are at the right place.

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Armor plate steel is an abrasion resistant steel plate that is manufactured to perform under military conditions. It has high hardness and its thickness and other mechanical and physical properties vary according to the application. Typical applications include armored vehicles, body armor, battle tanks, and many other armored military uses.

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military bulletproof face mask vendor in togo. Military Face Mask / CAMO / Army / Navy / Air Force / Marines / Men's / Face Mask / Custom Text PressedArtByPoly 5 out of 5 stars (333) Star Seller $ 13.99. Add to Favorites US Army Face Mask-Black, Trendy Masks, Fashionable masks, Two …

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Body Armor & Ballistic Plates | Premier Body Armor. American made Concealable and Tactical Body Armor Solutions. We manufacture and sell bulletproof backpack armor panels that are TSA Approved and Legal in all 50 States. Our Level 3A and Level 3 body armor systems are made in the USA to NIJ standards to ensure the highest quality.

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NIJ.06 Level 4 Body Armor Plates - Ace Link Armor. Level 4 Body Armor plates provide protection against multiple .30-06 Armor Piercing rounds. This bulletproof body armor plate completely keeps multiple rifle caliber rounds contained upon impact onto ceramic/PE structure. It stops from the 5.56mm Black Tip, up to the powerful .30-06 APM2.

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Yuemai Wholesale Nij Iiia Body Armor Concealable Ballistic Bulletproof T-shirt, Find Complete Details about Yuemai Wholesale Nij Iiia Body Armor Concealable Ballistic Bulletproof T-shirt,Concealed Ballistic Vest,Custom Nij Iiia Stab Proof Concealed Bulletproof Vest Ballistic Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest,Heavy Duty Body Armor Army Combat Airsoft Hunting Vest …

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Civilians can legally wear body armor in the US however, choosing the right body armor level can be quite challenging. There are different levels of body armor that are rated to stop different threat levels. In the USA, the National Institute of Justice sets the standards for body armor, and currently, you can get body armor level IIA, level II, level IIIA, level III and Level IV armor.

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Plate Carriers/Bulletproof Vests. 1-3 weeks; Armor Plates/Backpack Inserts. 2-5 weeks *Armor plates and inserts from RMA Defense, Spartan Armor Systems, Shellback Tactical can ship out sooner with 1-5 days lead time depending on availability.. Body Armor Packages. 2-6 weeks *Body armor packages include several different components and are …

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Dear collectors. I offer you original russian special forces helmet with bullet-proof glass. This model of armor helmet MASKA-1(MASK-1) was used by russian special forces since 1990 years. Protects from the gun"Makarov" and"TT" Made of steel with a bulletproof glass. This is …

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ceramic bulletproof plate wholesale in togo DEFENSE LEVEL IV NIJ .06 CERTIFIED HARD ARMOR PLATE SET *Manufacturer's Notes: Lead time 2-3 weeks ***DUE TO THE LIFE-SAVING NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT, ALL SALES ARE FINAL*** RMAs Level IV (Model #1155) hard armor plate is a cost effective, multi-hit rated, NIJ .06 Certified plate that offers excellent ...

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Concealed Body Armor. In the early days, body armors use to consist of hard armors that are made of barks of different animal's and tree skin. Later, it became improved to metals and ceramic plates in order to provide more safety and protection. However, these materials are heavy and bulky, thus limiting the wearer's mobility.

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WELCOMEGL Distributors. GL Distributors is a factory authorized distributor for GH Armor (Gator Hawk Armor) for Concealable Body Armor, Tactical Body Armor, K-9 Handler Body Armor, SWAT Body Armor, SRT Body Armor, Light Tactical Body Armor, Plate Carriers, Plate Racks and accessories including Special Threat Plates (Speed Plates), Rifle Plates, Ballistic …

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China's Leading Body Armour Manufacturer. Sinoarmor manufactures the highest quality, reliable and best performing bullet proof vests, jackets, helmets and ballistic hard plate armour in China. Learn more.

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Bulletproof Vest, contoured to fit the Bust Line more comfortably. Only 4 pounds! NIJ IIIA Rated; Stops; 9mm, 357 Magnum, 38 Special, .380 caliber, and 44 Mag. + more.. The bulletproof vest/body armor has been designed to perfectly fit the shape of the body, and provides users with front and back ballistic protection.

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bulletproof helmet wholesale in togo bullet proof helmet distributor in south sudan TC Special Forces Series. Designed for special assault missions, the bulletproof TC Special Forces V2 Helmet combines high ballistic protection with comfort. The helmet includes a bulletproof visor, a soft carry bag and a belt strap.


Our body armor is designed in a number of styles to suit various applications, including Covert, Overt, Full Tactical and Floatation. Choosing the right body armor is imperative to ensure maximum protection, as purchasing the wrong type of armor could leave you vulnerable to injury. Our body armor is available in NIJ levels 2, 3A, 3 and 4.

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Up for sale. Military Issue Ground Troop Bulletproof Body Armor Fragmentation Protection Vest Size Large. Pre Owned but in excellent like new condition with no marks, stains, rips or wear. Made by the DJ Manufacturing Corp. Stock# 2-8500- Ground Troops- Spo 100 97C 5046. Your questions are welcome. Thank you. 12 LB Shipping weight.

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A bulletproof vest, also known as a ballistic vest, kevlar vest, or bullet proof body vest, is a popular type of body armor.It provides ballistic protection by absorbing the impact of bullets or projectiles to protect the body. While body armor covers a wide range of ballistic protection equipment, bullet proof vests typically only covers the ...

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International Armor Corp is a leading manufacturer of bulletproof vests, soft and hard body armor, tactical helmets, bomb blankets, and hard armor plates. Address:2913 El Camino Real #401 Tustin, CA Business type:Manufacturer. Smith Protection. Kevlar Armor Products, Ceramic plates, armored vehicles.I have operated now for nearly 6 years.

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Bulletproof Aramid Fabric. GDK200 Aramid UD Fabric is made from branded Aramid fiber and main for soft bulletproof vest application. It is using 2 ply Uni-Directional (0/90 UD) structure which is well known best for anti-ballistic fabrics today. The weight per square meter for NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA protection only need around 6.5kg after tested.

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59 East Allendale Road Saddle River, NJ 074658 U.S.A P: (844) 233-8707 F: (201) 962-7872 Cage Code 5GH85 DUNS 830230822 Woman-Owned Business 73235-15

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Bulletproof Zone's Ultimate Guide to Body Armor. Bulletproof Zone has the MOST up-to-date and comprehensive guide to all things Body Armor! Check out our Best Body Armor: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to learn more about the various types of body armor, the NIJ armor ratings, the best armor for any situation, how to properly care for your gear, and SO MUCH …

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Firesale Closeouts. ArmorCo Advanced Armor Products was started in 2001 and is one of the leading suppliers of Kevlar Bullet Resistant Fabrics and Bullet Resistant Panels in the USA. We also have bullet proof tiles, body armor and rifle plates.